A major five-day Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development in the days just prior to the Rio+20 conference in Rio de Janeiro.

The aim was to help establish the research, technology and policy agendas that will be needed after Rio+20.

The Forum brought together leading international scientists, policy-makers, industry, NGOs, journalists and youth from more than 75 countries to explore the key role of interdisciplinary science and innovation in the transition to sustainable development, a green economy and poverty eradication.

Over 1,000 people attended the event, with another 1,000 watching the live webcast and many more interacting via social media.

Two important conclusions stood out: the necessity for social and natural scientists to work closely together, and the need for integrated policy approaches.

The programme consisted of thematic sessions focused on in-depth exploration of key topics, and 25 side events providing smaller spaces for learning, exchange and networking.

Future Earth, a new 10-year interdisciplinary initiative on research for global sustainability that will bring together natural and social scientists, was also launched at the Forum.

Go to the Forum website for more information.


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